what does it mean to be underwater on your mortgage

The National Association of Realtors reports that about 22 percent of homeowners are underwater on. What It Really Means To Be Underwater On Your Mortgage – freedmont mortgage ceo carl delmont explains the good and bad of today’s mortgage climate, including what it means when you’re upside-down on your home investment.

Still, a survey published by the New York Fed this week sheds some light on how homeowners think about their mortgage payments when they’re underwater – or at least how they say they think.

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Being underwater in a mortgage means simply that the total debt secured by a property (e.g., the total value of all mortgage loans), exceeds the appraised value of that property. Being underwater indicates a negative equity position.

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What does it mean to be underwater on a mortgage – answers.com – Being underwater means, as a homeowner, you owe more on your mortgage than the house is worth. With the current economic issues, they (CNN Money) say one out of five homeowners are in this situation.

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 · That sum is also referred to as negative equity. Related: Apply for a Mortgage loan today. underwater mortgages can occur for a number of reasons. Taking out a second mortgage or a home equity loan, for example, might cause you to be upside down on your mortgage.

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 · Simply put, being underwater on your mortgage means the balance of your mortgage loan is greater than the fair market value of your home. This can happen when there’s a housing market downturn or an outright crash (as there was in 2008) that causes property values to plummet. For example, say you bought a home in 2007 for $250,000.

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