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Irs First Time Home Buyer  · The tax credit was equal to 10 percent of the purchase price of your home. No tax credit was allowed if the purchase price of the home exceeded 0,000. A first-time homebuyer is defined as someone who did not own a primary residence in the three-year period that ended on the date of purchasing the home.

The Texas Certificate of Good Standing (Officially referred to as the Texas Certificate of Fact) is an official document issued and bearing the seal of the Texas Secretary of State that certifies that your legal entity is registered and "existent" with the State of Texas and will state whether or not the entity is in compliance with the.

A Certificate of Fact can be used to relay a number of things, one of which is the status of your account with the Secretary of State. For this reason, should you be trying to expand your business to another jurisdiction or applying for financing, it is this document that you will provide as proof of your good standing.

How to Get a Certificate of Fact in Texas | Online Certificates of formation, applications for registrations, name reservations; changes to registered agents/offices and assumed name certificates can be filed online. dissolutions, terminations and withdrawals for corporations and limited liability companies; cancellation of certificates or registrations of limited partnership; registration of Texas LLPs and withdrawals of foreign LLPs also may be filed electronically.

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A Certificate of Fact in the State of Texas can show different information, depending on your specific request. For example, if you need information on your business status or existence, you need to specifically request as such.

Application for Texas Title 130-U. Affidavit of fact. authorization letter. Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Statement.. Exemption Forms. Military Property Owner’s Request for Waiver of Delinquent Penalty & Interest. Request Tax Certificate(s) Data Request Form.

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